What is a Vaccination Amnesty?

We send out reminders when boosters are due, but we appreciate they can arrive at busy times, while you’re on holiday or when there are other financial pressures. For whatever reason, your cat or dog’s last booster is now significantly overdue, and as a result he/she needs a new primary course of vaccination. A Vaccination Amnesty is a way to get your pet’s vaccination status back up to date at a reduced cost.


Why is it important to protect your pet by vaccination?

Unless properly vaccinated, your pet is at risk of contracting one of several, possibly fatal, infectious diseases.


Why are ‘booster’ vaccinations required?

When your pet was vaccinated as a kitten or puppy it was provided with immunity to these diseases. But this immunity doesn’t last indefinitely and can gradually decrease, leaving your pet at risk. Their immunity therefore needs ‘boosting’ at regular intervals.


Can a single vaccination restore protection when boosters have been allowed to lapse?

You may remember that when your pet was young, it was vaccinated at least twice, with an interval of 3-4 weeks between injections. This is known as the ‘primary course’ of vaccination, and two injections were required to ensure a full immune response. After this primary course of vaccination, annual ‘boosters’ (one injection) are usually sufficient to keep your pet protected. However, if the interval between the primary vaccination course and the first booster – or between two boosters in subsequent years significantly runs over, then protection against some of the diseases may no longer be robust, in which case a new primary course with two injections may be required.


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