Equine Services

Our equine vet David Howes is available for appointments, both at the stables and in the clinic. 

A new digital wireless (DR) x-ray system has arrived, along with an ultrasound machine for high end musculoskeletal imaging and a new LED endoscope for upper airway work. This gives us ultimate flexibility to deliver top quality imaging patient side without delay.


While most calls at the moment are being booked with you at home, the intention is to encourage more work to come back to the clinic over time to improve efficiency, provide a better and more consistent service and save you money in travel costs.  We will keep you informed as these changes develop.

David spent time as locum working for Vets on Alabama in 2017 while sailing around New Zealand with his family before heading offshore to the South Pacific Islands later that year.  After a sailing season in the islands, they headed to Melbourne, Australia where David worked in mixed large animal practice mentoring younger vets in equine clinical work and coming back to New Zealand periodically for equine surgical locums in the Waikato before COVID-19. Holly (also a vet) has been working in a small animal clinic in Melbourne for the past 3 years.

David is an experienced equine surgeon, having spent over a decade working in the Waikato as one of the principle surgeons amongst four big hospitals where he was well known. However, coming from a broad experience in mixed practice, he has still been able to enjoy the variety of farm and small animal work - "Being flexible to move to mixed practice and even dipping into emergency small animal night work this year, has been really helpful and interesting  whilst we have been travelling".

David's interests beyond equine surgery have centered around orthopaedics, lameness and diagnostic imaging. He has published internationally, lectured at conferences in New Zealand, presented work overseas and enjoys teaching and mentoring younger vets.

He enjoys the outdoors, trail running, hiking, camping and sailing so he's looking forward to exploring everything Marlborough has to offer with his family whilst delivering a top quality equine veterinary service to the area.

We’re excited to be up and running again. If you have any queries or need any further information at this stage, please do not hesitate to call us.

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