Equine Surgery

These examinations can be complex but simply, amount to risk assessment for potential buyers.

At present, we can offer a broad range of standing and field procedures performed under sedation, local anaesthesia, or intravenous general anaesthesia.


However, while many specialised procedures can be performed in the standing horse, those requiring general anaesthesia are currently referred to one of the larger equine hospitals, either in Canterbury or the North Island, depending on surgical and diagnostic requirements or urgency.

Standing and field procedures include:

  • Dental and sinus surgery

  • Eye surgery

  • Wound repair

  • Urogenital surgery

  • Foot surgery

  • Castration, foal hernia repair (rings)

  • Foal distal limb procedures for angular and contractual deformities

Post-operative care is an important part of the overall success of procedures which may be continued at the clinic or at home.