Dental Health


Does your pet have bad breath?

One of the first signs of periodontal disease is bad breath, caused by bacteria which can lead to plaque build up and tartar resulting in imflammed gums that may bleed, oral ulcerations, tooth mobility and loss, receding gums and pain. Your pet may also experience other symptoms like dribbling, decreased appetite, food falling out of their mouth while eating, reluctance to groom, head shaking and other changes in behavior. Treats and chews aren't always enough to prevent dental problems! 


Vets on Alabama offer FREE dental checks for your dog or cat. One of our highly skilled veterinary nurses  will examine your pet’s teeth and gums to determine if there are any problems:


Call The Clinic To Book Your Pet For A Free Dental Check




  •  Thorough mouth exam

  •  Detailed advice on dental home care

  •  Rundown of dental products available

  •  Estimates + info on dental surgeries given (if necessary)


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